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DEOX R10 Rust Breaking Penetrating Oil
DEOX R10 Rust Breaking Penetrating Oil

Chemtools DEOX R10 rust breaking penetrating oil is a premium quality low viscosity oil which is made from very high quality virgin oils. This oil can be used to free rusted mechanical parts, as it can break through rust and penetrate into the narrow space between the threads or cracks of two parts. It is also a very good cleaner and corrosion stopper. Ideal for rusted nuts, bolts, locks and hinges.

R1 Light Film Lubricant
R1 Light Film Lubricant

DEOX R1™ Thin Film Lubricant is formulated for the professional tradesperson using high quality, superior ingredients and refined mineral oil distillates. It guarantees outstanding ‘first time, every time’ lubrication, dissolving grease and cleaning most metal surfaces.

DEOX R1™ displaces water, and repels moisture, leaving a light surface film behind to prevent corrosion and offer ongoing protection. It is also extremely effective at loosening rusted parts, stopping squeaks, and reducing wear and friction.

Contact Cleaner Lubricant
Contact Cleaner Lubricant

Chemtools CT-CCL Contact Cleaner Lubricant quickly penetrates and flushes away light oils greases and carbon deposits from electrical and electronic equipment. Leaves a thin protective dielectric coating. CCL Contact Cleaner Lubricant is compatible with most plastics, electrical connections and electronics.

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