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  • Lockable so you won't lose stock
  • It's Organised and clean
  • House your products - Products are easy to find
  • Staff not wondering around looking for products
  • Save money, due to organized product
  • Monthly cost up dates on your spending
It’s all yours, organised, clean & efficient
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Your Personnel Cabinet & Online Portal.
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  • All your safety data and products in one spot
  • Instant, direct to our store for packing, speed to your cabinet
  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency
  • Eliminate Processing / Administrative Costs
  • Consolidate Consumption
  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Flexible Access Controls
  • We deliver direct to your cupboard - Fast, efficient, lean and packed
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WeldConnect is expanding rapidly throughout Australia and now has an established presence and expert consultants in each state and territory.

Our iCloud Register, Technology Integration and cutting edge App. gives us the ability to manage your workshop compliance, as well as supply the highest quality welding and oxy/fuel products and accessories, anywhere in the country, wherever your location.