Our WeldConnect Technician

Our WeldConnect Technician

When assessing Welding and oxy/fuel gas equipment and its environment it is of utmost importance that the technician completing this duty is technically competent by the Australian Dangerous Goods Regulations, Welding Code Of Practice and relevant Australian Standards.

WeldConnect Group is the first company to make sure all our agents and technicians have the skills, expertise and knowledge to successfully complete an oxy/fuel gas & welding hazard and risk assessment.

We ensure all our technicians complete a rigorous 40 hour induction and training program.

The learning outcomes of which are:

  • Understand related acts, regulations, Australian standards and WTIA notes
  • Understand hazard identification, likelihood, exposure and consequence
  • Skills to implement this systematic approach
  • Understand risk management matrix - low, medium, high
  • Clear practical knowledge in how to complete an on-site hazard and risk assessment
  • Skills to operate the oxy/welding app and program
  • Competent in using testing equipment
  • Skills in oxy/fuel and welding allied processes
  • Expert product knowledge
  • Communication skills

Following the 40 hour training program all technicians are practically assessed, and must complete a 2 hour examination in order to gain certification proving their competence.

The WeldConnect training program follows State Dangerous Goods Regulations, Welding Code of Practice and relevant Australian Standards.