EASYkleen Weld Cleaners are an Australian owned company, and their EASYkleen range of machines are manufactured right here in Australia, the only weld cleaning machines on the market that can make that claim!


EASYkleen - they are simple to use, have excellent reliability, which is backed by a standard two-year warranty, plus an unmatched 10-year internal parts warranty. So if you are considering purchasing a weld cleaning machine, support Australian made and Australian jobs, and put an EASYkleen weld cleaner at the top of your list.

EASYkleen, the experts in weld cleaning.


  • Lightweight and highly portable transformer driven weld cleaner
  • 100% duty cycle, designed for light to medium use and is also generator safe
  • Auto-sensing amperage output ranging from 20-60amps of available cleaning power
  • Ideal for sheet metal work (1-6mm) but can be easily used on thicker material is the HAZ in minimal

EASYkleen Plus Brush

Our most popular model, ready to clean, all day, every day.
  • High powered DC only output using a patented waveform specifically designed for weld cleaning
  • Will work on TIG, Stick and MIG welds to provide the highest possible corrosion resistance
  • Fast and safer than traditional weld cleaning methods, whilst also being more economical too
  • Extremely simple to operate and with five brushes in the range, every weld geometry is covered

EASYkleen Pro S-10

Inverter technology with adjustable output control
  • Inverter driven weld cleaner that utlizies a specific output to provide superior cleaning speed
  • 100% duty cycle, designed for moderate to high use on all thicknesses and grades of stainless steel
  • Adjustable amperage output control ranging from 30-100amps of available cleaning power
  • Cleans, passivates and polishes all in one step to save time compared with alternative methods

EASYkleen Pro S-15

High performance workhorse that leaves its competitors behind
  • Powerful inverter driven weld cleaner with adjustable amperage control from 30-130amps
  • Easily handles all thicknesses of stainless steel incorporating the largest dipping brushes available
  • Fine power control gives this unit the ability to work on very thin gauge material through to heavy plate
  • Excellent brush and solution consumable life even when working at the highest power output