ARCSAFE Welding Screen Green

ARCSAFE Welding Screen Green


ARCSAFE Welding Screen Green

The ArcSafe® welding screen is manufactured from vinyl film, processed with a colour dye, a flame retardant and an ultra violet absorber. The dye consumes and filters the blue lightbrightness associated with the electric arc welding process. The material surface acts as a reflector, causing the arc to appear larger and less bright, thus reducing glare to the eyes. The light is also scattered in different directions, creating a fluorescent light. This causes the pupil to constrict and shut out excess glare, thus reducing light to the retina.Benefits of ArcSafe®ArcSafe® welding screens absorb the dangerous ultra violet light that is emitted from the arc welding process and also offers these added benefits:       

■ Surrounding your welding situations with safety       

■ Protecting your co-workers and other people from the painful effects of accidental welding flash       

■ Safely and quickly defining hazardous welding areas      

■ Allowing safe observation for safety check of welding operations       

■ All seams are welded, not sewn, for extra durability and strength