About Us

Established in 2013, WeldConnect Group Pty Ltd is the first company to have developed a systematic compliance application (app) that can assess and test a company’s welding and oxy/fuel equipment and environment.

In actual fact, however, our inception started 20 years prior when a team of young and ambitious workers pursued a career supplying welding electrodes, silver solders and mig wires to the Welding Maintenance industry. It was extremely rewarding to see first-hand what the Australian Manufacturing and Engineering industries could achieve, supplying consumables that assisted with the reclamation and repair of broken parts.

During this time, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with tremendous mentors, who taught us a wide range of skills, knowledge and discipline - all of which we still carry with us today.

The WeldConnect app was born from our ambition to combine the extensive intelligence gained from 20 years of working in the Welding Maintenance industry, with the capabilities of modern-day technology.

When you’re dealing with a Weldconnect consultant, you’re dealing with an industry expert. The WeldConnect Team are committed to delivering a World-class compliance management program that guides our expert consultants when testing, assessing and reporting on all risks associated with the people, property and working environment of your business. This is our way of ensuring the safety of every Welding workshop.

In order to meet the growing demand and to further assist clients’ with their welding and oxy/fuel requirements, we established the WeldConnect e-Shop. Through this, we aim to supply you with the highest quality of welding and oxy/fuel products and accessories in a timely manner, ensuring your workshop remains well equipped at all times.

Our success is purely a reflection of our customers and their experience with our people, systems and processes. It’s our endeavour that each one of these components connects together seamlessly to ensure high-level outcomes, for every client, every time.

WeldConnect are commited to safety in the Australian welding industry and beyond. You are dealing with the highest level of service and professionalism when you are dealing with WeldConnect.