The assessment criteria used within the WeldConnect app, identifies all risks posed by a site’s welding allied processes and oxy/fuel class 2 dangerous goods and equipment - to people, property and the working environment within your business.

There are 2 separate assessment procedures:

  • Welding allied processes & equipment
  • Oxy/fuel class 2 dangerous goods & equipment

Guided by the WeldConnect app, our expert consultants will carry out your business’s assessment procedure in line with the below objectives.

Our Objective

The WeldConnect program incorporates all relevant requirements of welding safey through State Acts, Regulations and Australian Standards. This legislation guides our expert consultants when testing and maintaining equipment and site welding environment allied processes and dangerous goods protocols to a strict safety standard.

Every element of the WeldConnect equipment testing and assessing program is automated to rate every hazard identified to the risk to your business in a low, medium, high matrix.

Our WeldConnect consultants will assist your team through communication and factual reporting, to:

  • Maintain compliance.
  • Increased welding safety. 
  • Assist management to make calculated resourceful decisions.
  • Establish a high level of safety consistency.
  • Understand the cost to maintain your businesses safety standards within this field.
  • Most of all, keep your team safe.

This precise approach will give your business the best possible result, helping to keep your people safe, productive and with planned budgets.

How it Works


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